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Bread Practice - Sweet Dough with Corn Salad

Bread making was a domain which I always wanted to enter but feared to get hurt.

Watching the dough rising was exciting, however without proper tools like bread mixer( I am not as strong s a Italian mama ), big oven.....and so on, the result could be so disappointing. Usually, I spent the whole day of time and effort on weighing flour, kneading and shapping dough, letting the dough rise and baking , at the last, I had to promote the bread so hard to my own family ( sometimes forced them to eat 'em ). Therefore, even my husband had asked me for many times, I was just reluctant to try it again.

Last Christmas, longing for eating the self-made bread, my husband bought a bread making machine as my Christmas present. Now, I can finally enter this taboo domain boldly. I am still in the exploraiton stage thus will need more practice and study. However, first time for years, I can finally produce decent bread by my self.

After a whole day of work, my husband may smell the bread baking fragrant before stepping into the hallway that is also a simple but refeshing happiness........
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YAY! Bread is a hard area to get into. I too hesitate to make any bread. What I'm using instead of a bread machine is an very sturdy electric mixer with a hook attachment.

My goal is to eventually make my own croissants. That is very tricky to me because the dough has to be the right temperature and has to rise twice!

Good luck! I know you can do it.
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