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Still remember elementary school time, every morning at AM 6:00, my heart was full of unwillingness and sentiment about going to school. During the whole day, the only exciting activity for me and most of the school kids was the lunch time enjoying the steaming warm lunch with classmates in classrooms. Although the stainless steal box was not as delicate as nowadays popular Japanese lunch box which has compartments or tiers, the fusion of all meals became a unique flavor that recollected my childhood memories .

After graduation and devoted to work, urged by the strong attachment for bento, I prepared lunch boxes not only for myself, but also for my families. The sincere mood was even growing after marriage. Now not only preparing lunch boxes for my families, I also wish to reach the heart of everyone by delivering the good flavor from my hometown and childhood memories.

There are no high-end abalone or lobster, no cheesy flavor-enhancers or instant packages in my meals. The most important ingredient in my foods is the love and care for families. After enjoying my foods, I wish everyone will have more sufficient vitality and courage breaking through the future challenges .
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